My succulent garden

“Preserved” covers all the main techniques of food preservation


Preserved  by Nick Sandler and Johnny Acton. ISBN:9781856268455

Awesome book, full of practical tips and knowhow.


Raspberries 2009

Have planted 8 raspberries of different varieties last year with limited success, will post up varieties soon.

This year the raspberries sent of multiple runners i expect 30-40 plants hopefully i can contain them and prevent birds from getting them.

Spring Vegie Patch 2009


Broccoli, brussels sprouts, Bok Choi all bolted to seed due to the warmer weather during winter.

Good run with the cabbages and lettuce

Dwarf peas, snow peas, shallots coming along nicely. Need to get cracking on the beetroots. Planted out Mangelwurzle as well for something different.

Expanded to 7 beds.

Apple Cider Batch#3


25lt Carboy. A larger run, used 20 kilos of Pink Ladys and 5 kilos of granny Smith, yeast and no sugar on this batch. It was very sweet.

Apple Cider Batch#2


10lt Carboy,  Granny Smith apples for this run and 1 cup of sugar plus yeast.

This photo taken 2 weeks since filling, its been fairly cool and fermentation is slow and I will leave for another 2 weeks


Australia Grass treesIMG_1189IMG_1191

There are five grass trees on the property. In the last few days the spikes have begun flowering on these two, while the trees themselves take many years to grow to this height, spikes grow rapidly almost three metres as shown in the photo. Early Summer 2009, early spring 2009 , and the corm flowers.

Main Summer Vegie Patch 2009


I built 4 garden beds to start with … in these shots I planted

  • Colban potatoes
  • Grosse Lisse tomatoes
  • Beefstake tomatoes
  • Supersweet corn
  • Varieties of Capscium
  • Chillies
  • Dwarf beans

Potatoes were a very poor crop, Corn while abundant was very tasteless and mushy.


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